It's Never Too Early To Make Something Awesome

If only we could all be this talented at age 13.

My longtime friend and collaborator Alex and I have been working with Ethan Ko, Yin Xian Li and Cameron Roseman for a collective five years now. Fast forward to today, and the trio have released a total of three albums under the name Unproperly.

While each album has been exciting and broached new ground, I am particularly excited to share their newest release, Memories Don’t Just Fade Away. The three songs included were all written collaboratively with each band member taking the lead on a song, with Alex and I providing composition and production guidance to aim the songs to their final destination.

And now, we’ve got an EP that I consider mature, polished and competent. A huge hats off to Unproperly, and also a huge thank you to them for allowing me the opportunity to perform acoustic and electric guitar on the record and produce. I think everyone should hear this, as a reminder of the awesome work that can be done even early on in an artists career.


Liam Sturgess

23-year-old singer/songwriter from West Vancouver. Liam combines acoustic folk sound with modern alternative instrumentation, creating a unique musical experience.